What are Services for Expats?

We offer services for foreigners living in Poland to help in everyday situations which can have their challenges for a person who does not speak any Polish. We have a wide experience in the field of concierge services but we also help with documents issues.


We gladly provide face to face services, not limiting them to the help via phone, Skype or an e-mail. If there is a matter to be dealt with in person, there is a helpful hand to assist you.

Our goal is to support our clients to better adjust to the Polish culture while helping them maintain the style of living they like.


What kind of help can I get?

We offer in-person assistance - when you want to open a bank account, buy a car or learn about your neighborhood.

We also provide help via phone or Skype in situations when you need immediate linguistic help (i.e. when you are stopped by police or in other emergency situation).


If you do not need accompaniment but would benefit from the specific information, we will research the chosen topic and send you our report via email.


Where is the personal support provided?

At the moment our personal assistance is only available in Warsaw. However, we are flexible, so if you are outside of Warsaw please contact us and we’ll look for a solution. Our information service works for the whole country.



How does it work?

You contact us and describe a matter you want us to help with. We estimate the number of hours we assume this project will take and we inform you about the price of our service. Once the payment is done, we start working for you.


How can I pay?

Payment can be made in cash or directly to our bank account.

13 1140 2004 0000 3602 3680 5450 for payments in PLN

10 1140 2004 0000 3112 0431 6147 for payments in EURO

Altmain Tomasz Malinowski

ul. Brylantowa 26/2, 05-552 Łazy

NIP 525-152-83-10


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